6 Advantages Of Having An EHIC Card When Traveling In The European Economic Area

Since the recent referendum here in the UK that saw us vote to leave the EU, there have been rumors, propaganda, and deliberate misinformation regarding just what the vote really means. For instance, most UK citizens aren’t really sure whether they can use their European health insurance cards while traveling across the EUL, or whether the cards were rendered unusable by the vote. But for the sake of setting the record straight, EHIC still continues to be used and accepted across the Europe. As a UK citizen traveling or visiting any of the EU nations, and Switzerland, it is very important that you carry your EHIC card with you. If yours is expired, make a point of renewing it on time, so that you avoid any inconveniences that come with traveling with an expired card.

There are several benefits of having an EHIC card when traveling in the European economic area;

  1. Caters for all manner of emergencies; One of the best benefits of having an EHIC card with you while traveling across the EEA is that in case of any emergency, you are well taken care of. In instances where you have traveled either for business, holiday, or whatever, and a medical emergency arose, you can use this card to access treatment in a public facility.
  2. Pre existing conditions; unlike most private insurance covers that are strict on the conditions or eventualities that they cover, a European Health Insurance Card covers all pre existing medical conditions. Thus you should be glad to have this card with you, because regardless of whatever condition is ailing you, you will still be able to access quality healthcare while on the move. Again, as long as you are visiting a public facility, you’ll be attended to.
  3. Peace of Mind; there is the peace and calm of mind that comes from knowing that you have all eventualities covered and catered for. While the new European health card is just a preserve of medical emergencies, it is a good thing since it gives you some peace of mind knowing that in case of anything, you are well covered.
  4. Application process if easy; another major benefit of having a EHIC card while traveling across the European economic area is that the process has been made very easy. You can rely on third parties like travel agencies to help in the application process. This is especially helpful if you have short notice to travel, and need to really have the card ready by date of departure. By the time you struggle to find out more about the application process, duration; an agent or travel agency will have secured the card for you.
  5. Even NHS recommends it; EHIC card enables you to access the same kind of medical services you would in the UK under NHS, while abroad.       Furthermore, it is easier to get reimbursed for the cost of treatment and Medicare, when you’ve used an EHIC card.

Can be renewed; if your card got expired, the renewal process is quite easy and straightforward. You can also consult an agent to help you replace a lost card, where you are offered with a provisional certificate for the time being.

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Things To Consider When Selecting Hotels For Business Trips

Business trips are part of the lives of busy professionals. As you go about your routines, you need to ensure you have kept some important factors in mind so as to ensure a smooth stay. Hotels are the preferred places of accommodation while away from home, as opposed to hostels which might not be so convenient. When selecting hotels it can be a daunting task to know which one suit you best. Here a few things to consider when selecting which hotel you will stay during your business trip;

  • Proximity; for instance if you will be meeting with clients at the city Centre, you want to choose a hotel which will be near the city. This will help you quickly attend to meetings and conferences without taking too much time commuting form your hotel to meeting place. It is also very convenient to choose a hotel with close proximity to the city, since you might need to take a tour and not worry about going back to some hotel far from the city.
  • Services offered; different hotels have their style of attracting new customers and retaining old ones. So as a result you will find a hotel offers various attractive services and offers as part of the package. This may include swimming pools, buffets or weekend massages and spas. By choosing a hotel with such offers, you will find refreshment after a tiring day and who does not love to indulge in such delights?
  • Safety; look for a hotel which will provide you with the safety you need, protecting you from fraudsters and identity thieves. Your personal information should not be shared with third parties.

So ensure you consider all the above factors before you choose a hotel for your business trip. It is worth the effort.