How to hire the Best Digital Magician in the UK

How to Hire the Best Digital Magician in the UK?

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Watching virtual magic shows have become a huge part of our lives as we can get entertainment in our homes only. Also, we can watch the virtual magic shows of our favourite magicians at any time throughout the day.

After realizing the increase in audience in virtual magic shows, almost every magician in the UK has started to host virtual magic shows. These shows can also be a great start for your important office meetings or client meetings as magicians with their magic tricks will be able to amaze your clients.

Digital Magician

Digital magicians have a lot of experience in doing magic tricks and have also become an expert in portraying magic tricks on digital platforms. So, digital magicians entertain their huge audience on a laptop screen without any difficulties.

Alan Hudson is one of the best digital magicians in the UK who performs in virtual shows as well as office in office and private parties. He is a full-time professional magician and he is also a member of The Inner Magic Circle.

Alan Hudson has experience of more than 20 years of entertaining his audience through magic tricks. He has also been in several TV shows such as Britain’s Got Talent and ITV’s The Next Great Magician.

Alan Hudson has become one of the busiest virtual magicians. His virtual shows are quite engaging, interactive and interesting, so he is able to attract a huge audience on his virtual digital shows also. Many virtual platforms such as Netflix, Zoom and Google hire him to perform virtual magic shows on their platform.

Procedure to hire Alan Hudson for shows

Procedure to Hire Alan Hudson

To hire the best digital magician in the UK, the only thing you need to do is send a mail on his email id. His email id is

You can mail on this email id and his team mostly replies within 30 minutes and will clear all your doubts. They will also confirm the availability of Alan Hudson on the required date, the charges he will take to perform the show and the duration for which he will perform the magic show.

He charges different rates for performing magic shows for different events. To book Alan Hudson for your digital show, you can also fill out the form that is available on his official website, and then also you will get to know every piece of information.

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