tips to master roller skates

Top 6 tips to master roller skates

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The speed, the thrill, the excitement! You feel you are on cloud nine when you skate! We all have that one friend who is a pro at skating, and we cannot stop envying them. Your story too? Well, it is a delight to watch them, don’t you think?

While roller skating may seem impossible to you, there are tricks to master them! Trust us when we say that roller-skating is not some rocket science. It is fun and exciting!

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Here in this article, we will tell you six tricks on how you can excel at roller-skating. Read on!

  1. Mastering the balance

The most challenging thing about roller skates is maintaining the balance of your body while you have wheels underneath your feet. Not easy at all, but not impossible either! The first thing to do when you have your skates on is to stand in a T-position. So now, you have one heel into the instep of the other skate.

By doing so, you have your skates just underneath your bent knees, and your core is engaged too. This will help your skates not to roll out and will help you not to fall, and instead, you will be able to hold yourself together while you are wearing the skates.

  1. To move forward.

While your skates are on, keep your toes straight, and in that position, move forwards or backwards, and again forwards or backwards. By the way, backward skating involves keeping your toes in.

If you feel you are stuck while going backwards, notice your toes because maybe they have come too close to each other and are pointing towards each other. In that case, you should stop, get back to the T position, bend your knees, regain your balance and start again.

master the roller skates

  1. Walking first

It may get difficult to start rolling once your skates are on. The trick is to walk first! So keep your toes out, bend your knees and try walking like a duck! Yeah, you read that right.

Take small steps forward like a cute little duck and move forward until you get your balance. Once you feel you have your balance, try pushing to the side and let your skating wheels roll.

  1. Gliding next

Allow yourself to roll for some time by trying to lengthen each stride that you take. Do this by pushing off with one foot, and gliding with the other until your momentum is lost. Next, switch your gliding foot. Remember to keep your other foot above the floor when you’re gliding on one foot. This will help your gliding be smooth.

After this, you should try gliding by turning left and right and leaning your body accordingly while maintaining the squat position. Once you have mastered this, try gliding faster! Put pressure on the wheels and propel yourself forward.

  1. Know how to stop!

On the toe of your right roller skate, a brake should be there! To stop yourself while skating, keep your skates parallel to each other and glide. Lean a little forward while remaining in a squat position. Now place the right skate moderately in front of the left one and lift the toe of the right skate. Then press down hard on the toe. Remember that the harder you press down, the faster you will stop!

Do not hesitate while touching the brake to the ground. Do it more confidently! If you do not press hard, there are chances that you may lose balance and fall. In case you face difficulty to apply pressure at first, press down on your right knee by using your hands. This would help you to exert a lot more force that would help you to stop!

  1. Enhance your skills.

Practice will make you perfect. Try skating at a roller-skating rink at least once in a week. To make it more challenging, join a team or league of roller skaters, and make sure you have good quality and well-designed roller skates!


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